This facility is only applicable for LIS Pending Approval at the Division Level.Division Memorandum No. 398, S. 2023.

Pending Approval Request (PAR) Form


  1. Download the PAR Form.
  2. Upload the properly filled-out and signed PAR Form together with required appropriate supporting documents at the Uploading Facility.
  3. Monitor the status of your request at the Monitoring Facility.


  1. This facility is ONLY APPLICABLE for Pending Approval at the DIVISION LEVEL.
  2. Log in of DepEd Email for Public Schools and GMail for SUCs, LUCs and Private schools is REQUIRED.
  3. Only 1 PDF File per upload is accepted. Make sure that PAR Form and Supporting Documents are organized in One (1) PDF File. Make sure that all documents are complete, readable and signed. Include PAR Form, learners’ school record, proof of identity, certificates, screen shots in the supporting documents.
  4. One (1) Request per Upload.
  5. The Planning and Research Section will TAKE NO ACTION OR DISAPPROVE All uploaded documents that will not comply with the instructions and required documents stated in the PAR Form Sections IV and V.
  6. All “No Action Taken” and “Disapproved” request may appeal by re-uploading properly filled out PAR Form with appropriate and compliant supporting documents.